Akvarium Short 1973


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Akvarium Short 1973 - Akvarium: Directed by Zdenka Doitcheva. The film consists of three animated miniatures. The first one is called "Little fish". A delicate yellow fish dances a swirling rock ' n ' roll with a green cavalier. During the dance, he swallows it. A green fish passionately dances a tango with a red fish. During the dance, the Red One swallows the green fish. A huge blue fish engulfs a red fish. In turn, the blue fish catches the fishing rod. She frees herself from it by spitting out her prey, a red fish. The red fish spat out the green one - The only thing left to hang on the fishing rod is a delicate yellow fish. The second miniature is " Love song". The Fisherman play guitar french chanson. The delicate flower seduces him with the beautiful curves of his body. They embrace. The flower squeezes the fisherman to death. The skeleton of a fisherman sinks to the bottom of the sea. "At the bottom" is the name of the third. A small fish was caught by an octopus. It sends a SOS signal. The orange fish comes to the rescue. She fights the octopus and frees the victim, but the octopus eats her, an orange fish.

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