Caçadas Eróticas 1984


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| Adult, Comedy
Caçadas Eróticas 1984 - Directed by David Cardoso, Cláudio Portioli. With David Cardoso, Matilde Mastrangi, Sonia Garcia, Shirley Santos. Film in three episodes. On the first, man is seduced by strange woman. The second shows orgies with couples. Punk girls kidnap and rape men on the third segment.

Segment 1 (22 min) - A Espia Portuguesa (The Portuguese Spy): A millionaire flew from Baghdad to Brazil, hired by assassins, hiding from which he helps a girl, accidentally met, the passionate embrace of which makes a man forget about his problems. But he does not even guess the true goals of his savior. **** Segment 2 (20 min)- O dia da Caça (The Day of the Hunt): A couple, Juliano and Paulo decides to have fun on the side. At the same time, both are sure that the other spouse will not appear at home for some time. Naturally, they meet with each other at the most inopportune moment. However, women quickly find a common language, men also do not seem to see a reason for jealousy. And then it turns out that a girl who came with an unfaithful husband is not exactly a girl. **** Segment 3 (20 min): Punk: Punk feminists decide to teach lascivious men a lesson, and at the same time slightly improve their financial situation. Luring selected victims to the abandoned construction site, which... Written by lament

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