The Ranchman's Daughter Short 1911


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The Ranchman's Daughter Short 1911 - The Ranchman's Daughter: Directed by Romaine Fielding. With Romaine Fielding, Frances Gibson, Jack Standing, Mabel Wright. Jose, a young Mexican, tiring of domestic ties, abandoned his wife and child and journeyed to the ranch of John Gibson, where he secured employment. Gibson's daughter, Rose, was in love with Sam Norris, a cowboy. Gibson, learning of it, made Sam foreman as a sort of prenuptial present. Mason, the ex-foreman, then managed to make some trouble for Sam. Jose tried to become friendly with Rose and she innocently talked to him as she would to any other of her father's employees. One day be came to the house and when Rose demanded what he wanted he said he wanted to see her father. Rose went to find him and while she was absent, Jose picked up one of her photographs and put it in his pocket. Later he exhibited the photograph in a saloon where Sam happened to be present, stating that the girl had given it to him. A quarrel between the two men was prevented by the others. As Jose was leaving the saloon he was seen by his wife, who had traced him to this place. When the Mexican arrived home he was astounded to meet his wife. In the course of their interview there was a knock at the door. Jose's wife hid herself and when the door was opened Jose found it was Sam who had knocked. Sam covered the Mexican with his revolver and demanded Rose's photograph. Jose taunted him with cowardice for using a gun on an unarmed man. Sam then threw his gun on the table and forced the Mexican to give up the photograph, after which he left the house, but forgot his gun. Jose's wife from her place of concealment heard all her husband's perfidy and her Spanish blood was roused. A quarrel ensued between husband and wife, during which she picked up the gun on the table and killed him. Then she fled, but dropped exhausted near the ranch house, where Rose came to her assistance. The next morning the Mexican's body and Sam's gun were found. All circumstances indicated that Sam had committed the murder. The cowboys started a lynching party, word of which came to Mr. Gibson. Rose's wife, hearing that the man accused of the murder was the lover of her benefactress, confessed her own guilt and then there was a quick rescue of Sam.

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