Thuis Episode #14.86 TV Episode 2008


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Thuis Episode #14.86 TV Episode 2008 - Episode #14.86: Directed by Willy Vanduren. With Peter Bastiaensen, Janine Bischops, Tineke Caels, Ronny Daelman. Martine finds Nancy holding a knife and standing over a dead Mike. Martine tells her they should think of themselves and not Mike. He got what he deserved. Martine takes the knife, cleans it in the sink, sticks it in the dishwasher in the kitchen and turns it on. Then she goes into the café very distraught telling Mike lies dead in the garage. They all rush there to see what happened. Geert manages to get them all out, so nobody destroys any traces the police might need later. He also takes care of Femke who is in shock. She is taken to the hospital. Nancy wants to go with her, but she's not allowed. Leo is at the courtyard of Ter Smissen and sees the police and ambulance. Geens tells him Mike is killed and he has to stay in the café, because everyone there has to be questioned. Martine tells Geens she didn't see a knife when she found Mike. Nancy tells Geens the same. She says Mike and Femke probably had a fight, but Mike was much stronger than Femke. There must have been somebody else who killed Mike. Peter tells Geens he's sorry he didn't get the chance to beat up Mike himself. Eric says he was sick after Mike turned up at the coffee-table and he had to throw up in the toilets. A lot of people don't seem to have much of an alibi for the time of the murder. Geens drops to Rosa Mike was Femke's father. She's very surprised and tells the rest who is still in the café. The police can't find the murder weapon. That evening Jenny is clearing out the dishwasher and is angry somebody turned it on with only a knife in it.

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