The 'Yeah Whatever' Girl 2007


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The 'Yeah Whatever' Girl 2007 - The 'Yeah Whatever' Girl: Directed by Carolyn Hurren. With Kori Branigan, Heather Goodwin, Patricia Hurren, Christine Lambert. It is the eve of Gay Pride Day in Toronto as the film begins. In a humorously self-acknowledged homage to Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol', Debbie's recently deceased Grandmother has decided to intervene. Not only must Debbie mend her ways, but she must mend her heart. Over the course of the night, her Grandmother tells her, Debbie will be visited by three ghosts. And so the fun begins. First is the Ghost of Lovers Past. And with her she brings several of Debbie's ex-lovers to party & roast Debbie. The Ghost then leads her on a journey of remembrance - from cock-eyed optimist to jaded grump. Secondly is the Ghost of Lovers Present - bubble baths, chocolate covered strawberries, and masturbation comprise a date with herself she'll never forget. And lastly, the Ghost of Lovers Future. On the other side of the coin is Debbie's exuberant roommate Penny. Fast approaching the end of her rope, Penny decides that in order to make her own life more tranquil, she must fix Debbie's - by getting her laid! Will it be 'dial-a-date', 'yahoo personals', or simply picking someone up on the patio of a local bar? Who can say? "The 'Yeah Whatever' Girl" is a film about being able to laugh at one's self. About fun and fear, panic and letting go. It is a film about remembering that life is wonderful. And that love is grand. Especially self-love.

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