The Curse of Drink Short 1912


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The Curse of Drink Short 1912 - The Curse of Drink: Madge Holton, a Kentucky mountain girl, is loved by Joe Calway, who with his father is engaged in illicit whiskey traffic. Madge's mother resents his attentions because all the misery of her life had been caused by her intemperate husband, who consorted with moonshiners and neglected his family, finally drinking himself to death. In bitter rage she informs the revenue men where the Calway still is located, and along with others opposed to whiskey traffic leads in the raid. The rifle is used freely, and old man Calway is killed. Young Calway is captured by the dry and severely flogged before he is rescued by Madge, who takes the badly beaten boy to her own home to nurse. The mother refuses to allow the young moonshiner shelter, and Madge declares that if he can't come in she will never enter her home. She gains her point and in a highly dramatic way shields the boy until he has recovered, and later on, in defiance to all, including a jealous lover, marries Joe, who still continues to make and trade in mountain liquor. The young wife becomes addicted to drink, which again rouses the mother and the decent temperate mountain folk, but Madge protects her husband by telling them not to blame her husband. "It's in the blood," she cries; "It killed my daddy, and it will kill me." During a gospel meeting, which Joe and Madge attend, Joe realizes as he listens to the preacher what havoc is caused by whiskey drinkers, and as the circuit rider calls on sinners to repent Joe comes forward and vows never to make or deal again in liquor as long as he lives. Happiness is soon restored between Madge and Joe, who turns his hand to honest toll and a new life begins for Madge, Joe and the baby.

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