The Fight in the Dark Short 1912


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The Fight in the Dark Short 1912 - The Fight in the Dark: Bert Green is an agent for the Government on Mexican territory, buying Mexican bred horses. He meets the daughter of Jose, a horse dealer, and falls in love with her. Although Juanita has encouraged the attentions of Pedro, she casts the latter off most cruelly when Bert comes into her life. Pedro is vindictive. With the assistance of a servant he manages to surprise Bert and Juanita at a clandestine meeting. While Bert temporarily leaves the scene the spying Mexicans come on, throw a blanket over the surprised girl and carry her off. Bert soon returns, sees signs of a struggle and follows the trail made by the abductors. After a long hunt he finds Pedro's shack in the mountains. He acts quickly, but a false step gives the advantage to Pedro. The girl thinks rapidly. She comes to her lover's aid by breaking the lamp. Then there is a struggle in the dark. Two shots are fired. Soon Bert draws a deep breath, sits on the edge of a table, rolls a cigarette and lights it, while in the shadow is the dead body of Pedro. Bert and Juanita leave the shack and see a stagecoach approaching. Bert decides to cross the Mexican border before he is captured by a Mexican posse and so holds up the stage, tells Juanita to get in and drives off like fury. Soon after he is pursued by the Mexicans but he eludes them by throwing the stagecoach over a cliff and finds temporary safety in the canebrakes until he is rescued by Texas rangers sent to his aid by a little girl.

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