Her Supreme Sacrifice Short 1912


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Her Supreme Sacrifice Short 1912 - Her Supreme Sacrifice: Jack Seward, a well-known barrister, is a widower living with his daughter Colette, who unfortunately suffers with an affliction of the eyes. The barrister during the course of business meets with a pretty actress, with whom he falls in love, and arranges a meeting in the park for the next day. His daughter's affliction has got worse, necessitating a visit to the specialist, who advises an immediate operation. The operation is performed and proves successful. Meanwhile Jack's suit has progressed satisfactorily, and the actress becomes his promised wife. During a visit to the house the actress is introduced to Colette as her new stepmother, and the child's grief at the news is very distressing. She caresses the painting of her mother, rushes off with it and deposits it in her bedroom. Later she suffers a relapse and the specialist when called in states that the acidity of her tears will eventually lead to complete blindness, the only remedy being to remove the cause of the trouble. The actress, upon becoming acquainted with the specialist's opinion, decides upon the course of action to pursue in order to preserve the daughter's eyesight, and to that end sacrifices husband and home.

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