The Hold-Up in Buckeye Canyon Short 1912


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The Hold-Up in Buckeye Canyon Short 1912 - The Hold-Up in Buckeye Canyon: The hero of this story is Jim Mason, who is an express messenger. Jim is enamored of Rosa Mitchell, and his devotion to her causes him to neglect his duty. He is reprimanded by an official of the express company for failing to properly care for a box containing valuables left in his charge. Jim is eventually discharged. He vows to get even for what he regards as unjust treatment, so he elects to turn thief and rob the stage-coach on the next trip. His plans are well laid and single-handed, with a gun, he holds up the stage, secures the coveted box and decamps with it to the woods. Rose, who has not seen Jim for several days, is worried over his absence. She goes in search of him, and from a point in the mountains, beholds the robbery and the escape of the daring bandit in the canyon below. Ignorant as to the identity of the robber she fires and wounds Jim in the leg. He returns the fire and the bullet penetrates the rim of her hat. She falls to the ground and manages to crawl to a thick underbrush without being recognized by Jim. Rose arises and discovers that the bandit is Jim. She watches him and sees where he has hidden his loot. Then she returns to him and helps him to an old hut. On the pretense of securing him some food and medicine, she goes to the place where Jim has buried the loot, takes it and is about to enter the hut when the sheriff and big posse arrive. She then hands over the box to the authorities and when the posse departs, rejoins Jim. Several weeks pass and as a reward, she receives a check for $500 from the express company. When Jim is able to get about, she tells him of the check, explanations then ensue, and when Rose reveals her part in the affair they decide to tear up the check, begin life anew, and forget Jim's deflection from the path that leads to the other way.

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