Lights and Shadows of Chinatown Short 1912


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Lights and Shadows of Chinatown Short 1912 - Lights and Shadows of Chinatown: Maud Nelson is a widow, and her millions have drawn a score of lovers. But to no one will she give her love, for in each one she sees a fortune-hunter, and love alone, would tempt her to get married the second time. William Wright comes into her life, and Maud is satisfied at the first meeting that this man is to be her second husband. But Wright has no fortune, and his pride forbids him to marry the rich lady, as long as he cannot offer her an equivalent fortune. Maud's brother, Charles, sees that Wright is a dangerous opponent, for while his sister is alone, she is always ready to give him money. As an habitual smoker of opium, Charles' energy for work is gone and he spends his time in the opium dens of the Chinese. Finally, Maud is dissatisfied with the steady appeal for money, and she tells him to find work, as her patience is at an end. He takes this very quietly, but swears to be revenged. He has not long to wait for the opportunity. Maud, who does not wish to idle her life away, joins a mission for converting the Chinese. One of her scholars, Chin Chen, falls violently in love with her. One afternoon he proposes to her but Maud turns him away. Mr. Wright meets her after the lesson, accompanying her home returning to his own abode. Chin Chen, who has followed, now knows who the favored one is. Going to the opium dens he finds Charles, who is trying to kill his disappointment by getting drunk, The Chinaman sends Charlie to Wright, offering to sell him a gold mine which has been salted. Wright falls into the trap and buys the mine. Wright, who now imagines himself a wealthy man, writes to Maud, explaining to her the change in his circumstances, and asks for her hand. The men who furnished Wright with the capital discover the theft. Wright is arrested. Maud discovers the sad news through a notice in the newspaper. While still alone she has a visit from Chan-Lus, the secretary to Chin Chen, who urgently begs for an interview. He informs her that his master alone has the power of uniting her with Mr. Wright, as he alone knows the true details of the transaction. Maud condescends and follows him. He leads her through dens and drinking places and at last through subterranean passages, through opium dens, until they arrive at the artistically furnished rooms of his master. Maud, with the hope of finding her beloved, finds herself with Chin-Chen, who claims her as his prisoner. She draws her revolver to defend herself. But she is not able to pull the trigger. From an invisible hole in the wall opium is blown into her face, and Maud sinks to the floor, overcome. In the meantime, Charles is notified that his sister has been coaxed into the nets of the Chinese. His conscience chides him, and he hurries to the police, telling them how he swindled Wright. Mr. Wright is given his freedom, and with a number of policemen, Wright and Charles start for the place where Maud is held prisoner. In the scrimmage Charles is shot and mortally wounded. Wright finds Maud in an out-of-the-way hiding place. He is just about to embrace her when they are called to the dying Charles. He is forgiven by those to whom he has done wrong before he passes into eternity.

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